Maintenance and Replacement of Air Filters and Oil Filters

If you’re the one who enjoys driving your vehicle and is one of your regular activities, you should definitely consider periodic maintenance and replacement of auto parts which is quite essential for your vehicle’s top-notch performance. Just like other vehicle parts, timely maintenance and replacement of Air filters and Oil filters contribute to your vehicle’s all-round performance and therefore, should not be neglected. You should be aware of how often you need maintenance and replacement of Air and Oil filters to get yourself going.

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Most of the individuals remain ignorant about the maintenance and replacement of the filters. They think that changing oil and air filters may cost a considerable amount of money which is nothing more than a misconception. If you love your vehicle, timely maintenance and replacement of your air and oil filter should be one of your top priorities.

Air Filter

Air Filter is one of the key components of your vehicle’s engine and helps to protect the engine as it collects dirt, dust, and debris and prevents the same from getting into the engine. In order for Air filter to function properly, you should consider its maintenance and replacement when it gets too dirty. Replacing your Air filter will not cost you a fortune but will definitely help to enhance your engine’s lifespan. In order to reach a conclusion if it is the correct time to get your Air filters replaced, you should follow the thumb rules as outlined below:

First and foremost, you should check the owner’s manual for the information.
If you drove somewhere between 20,000-25,000 miles, it’s time for you to get the air filters replaced.

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Oil Filter

As the name suggests, oil filters help keep your oil clean. In case your oil filters are not functioning properly, it may result in poor performance or break down in the long run. Oil filters ensure that clean oil flows through the engine and thus protects it.
It is highly recommended to get your oil filters replaced whenever you get your oil changed. This would definitely help your engine run smoothly and effectively.

Maintenance of Air and Oil filters are an essential part of routine car maintenance and should not be neglected in any way as your engine’s safety is in your hands.

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